Where Durable Objects Live

Cloudflare Durable Objects are a novel approach to stateful compute based on Cloudflare Workers. They aim to locate both compute and state closest to end users. This page tracks where new durable objects are created; for example, when you loaded this page from Ashburn, a worker in Ashburn (IAD) created a durable object in Ashburn (IAD). Currently, durable objects are available in 56% of Cloudflare PoPs.

Workers run here... ...create durable objects here
Amsterdam (AMS)61.6% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.4% London (LHR), 19.0% Hamburg (HAM)
Atlanta (ATL)88.5% Atlanta (ATL), 11.5% Ashburn (IAD)
Brasilia (BSB)100.0% Atlanta (ATL)
Budapest (BUD)100.0% Vienna (VIE)
Paris (CDG)55.6% Paris (CDG), 44.4% London (LHR)
Cape Town (CPT)100.0% London (LHR)
Dar es Salaam (DAR)50.0% London (LHR), 50.0% Paris (CDG)
Dallas (DFW)100.0% Dallas (DFW)
Düsseldorf (DUS)80.0% Amsterdam (AMS), 20.0% Frankfurt (FRA)
Newark (EWR)76.2% Newark (EWR), 23.8% Ashburn (IAD)
Frankfurt (FRA)55.6% Amsterdam (AMS), 44.4% Frankfurt (FRA)
São Paulo (GRU)77.8% Newark (EWR), 22.2% Ashburn (IAD)
Hamburg (HAM)54.5% Amsterdam (AMS), 27.3% Hamburg (HAM), 18.2% Frankfurt (FRA)
Hong Kong (HKG)100.0% Hong Kong (HKG)
Ashburn (IAD)78.3% Ashburn (IAD), 21.7% Newark (EWR)
Juazeiro do Norte (JDO)100.0% Newark (EWR)
Johannesburg (JNB)50.0% Amsterdam (AMS), 50.0% London (LHR)
Osaka (KIX)60.0% Tokyo (NRT), 40.0% Osaka (KIX)
Los Angeles (LAX)80.0% Los Angeles (LAX), 20.0% San Jose (SJC)
London (LHR)79.5% London (LHR), 20.5% Amsterdam (AMS)
Lisbon (LIS)100.0% Madrid (MAD)
Madrid (MAD)100.0% Madrid (MAD)
Miami (MIA)80.0% Miami (MIA), 20.0% Atlanta (ATL)
Marseille (MRS)68.6% Milan (MXP), 31.4% Marseille (MRS)
Munich (MUC)64.3% Frankfurt (FRA), 28.6% Prague (PRG), 7.1% Vienna (VIE)
Milan (MXP)55.3% Milan (MXP), 23.7% Marseille (MRS), 21.1% Prague (PRG)
Tokyo (NRT)63.2% Tokyo (NRT), 35.1% Osaka (KIX), 1.8% Singapore (SIN)
Chicago (ORD)100.0% Chicago (ORD)
Oslo (OSL)50.0% Stockholm (ARN), 50.0% Hamburg (HAM)
Bucharest (OTP)100.0% Vienna (VIE)
Prague (PRG)71.4% Frankfurt (FRA), 28.6% Vienna (VIE)
Seattle (SEA)100.0% Seattle (SEA)
Singapore (SIN)100.0% Singapore (SIN)
San Jose (SJC)100.0% San Jose (SJC)
Sydney (SYD)100.0% Singapore (SIN)
Vienna (VIE)100.0% Frankfurt (FRA)
Toronto (YYZ)100.0% Newark (EWR)