Where Durable Objects Live

Created by the wonderful Jed Schmidt, and now maintained with ❤️ by Alastair. Source Code available on Github.

Cloudflare Durable Objects are a novel approach to stateful compute based on Cloudflare Workers. They aim to locate both compute and state closest to end users.

This page tracks where new durable objects are created; for example, when you loaded this page from Ashburn, a worker in Ashburn (IAD) created a durable object in Ashburn (IAD).

Currently, durable objects are available in 11.02% of Cloudflare PoPs.

To keep data fresh, this application is constantly creating/destroying new Durable Objects around the world. In the last hour, 0 Durable Objects have been created(and subsequently destroyed), FOR SCIENCE!

Data displayed here has been collected, at maximum, over the last 93 days, as those are the limits of Analytics Engine, the DB that powers this app.

JSON-formatted data from this application is available at /json.

Workers run here......create durable objects here
Accra (ACC)19.74% Amsterdam (AMS), 80.26% London (LHR)
Adelaide (ADL)100% Singapore (SIN)
Ahmedabad (AMD)100% Singapore (SIN)
Algiers (ALG)0.45% Madrid (MAD), 19.74% Marseille (MRS), 39.73% Milan (MXP), 40.08% Paris (CDG)
Almaty (ALA)74.98% Amsterdam (AMS), 25.02% Stockholm (ARN)
Americana (QWJ)19.74% Atlanta (ATL), 80.26% Newark (EWR)
Amman (AMM)80.07% London (LHR), 19.93% Paris (CDG)
Amsterdam (AMS)60.04% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.89% Hamburg (HAM), 20.07% London (LHR)
Antananarivo (TNR)100% London (LHR)
Arica (ARI)0.33% Atlanta (ATL), 99.67% Miami (MIA)
Ashburn (IAD)79.82% Ashburn (IAD), 20.18% Newark (EWR)
Astara (LLK)60% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.85% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.15% Stockholm (ARN)
Asunción (ASU)39.96% Los Angeles (LAX), 60.04% Miami (MIA)
Athens (ATH)40.4% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.02% Hamburg (HAM), 19.4% Prague (PRG), 20.18% Vienna (VIE)
Atlanta (ATL)20.13% Ashburn (IAD), 79.87% Atlanta (ATL)
Auckland (AKL)100% Singapore (SIN)
Baghdad (BGW)60.67% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.01% Milan (MXP), 20.09% Prague (PRG), 19.23% Vienna (VIE)
Baku (GYD)19.69% Amsterdam (AMS), 60.16% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.02% Milan (MXP), 20.13% Prague (PRG)
Bandar Seri Begawan (BWN)100% Singapore (SIN)
Bangalore (BLR)100% Singapore (SIN)
Bangkok (BKK)0.01% Hong Kong (HKG), 74.9% Singapore (SIN), 25.06% Taipei (TPE), 0.04% Tokyo (NRT)
Barcelona (BCN)100% Madrid (MAD)
Beirut (BEY)0.47% Madrid (MAD), 18.89% Marseille (MRS), 80.65% Paris (CDG)
Belém (BEL)20.05% Ashburn (IAD), 79.95% Atlanta (ATL)
Belgrade (BEG)40.47% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.83% Hamburg (HAM), 20.14% Prague (PRG), 19.57% Vienna (VIE)
Belo Horizonte (CNF)39.73% Ashburn (IAD), 60.27% Newark (EWR)
Berlin (TXL)60.28% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.67% Hamburg (HAM), 20.06% Warsaw (WAW)
Blumenau (BNU)19.98% Ashburn (IAD), 19.14% Atlanta (ATL), 20.32% Chicago (ORD), 20.37% Miami (MIA), 20.2% Newark (EWR)
Bogotá (BOG)19.88% Atlanta (ATL), 80.12% Miami (MIA)
Boston (BOS)20.25% Ashburn (IAD), 0.01% Chicago (ORD), 79.74% Newark (EWR)
Brasilia (BSB)80.02% Ashburn (IAD), 19.98% Atlanta (ATL)
Bratislava (BTS)60.67% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.56% Prague (PRG), 19.77% Vienna (VIE)
Brisbane (BNE)19.81% Osaka (KIX), 19.71% Taipei (TPE), 60.48% Tokyo (NRT)
Brussels (BRU)20.29% Hamburg (HAM), 79.71% Paris (CDG)
Bucharest (OTP)60.83% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.33% Prague (PRG), 19.84% Vienna (VIE)
Budapest (BUD)60.3% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.94% Prague (PRG), 19.76% Vienna (VIE)
Buenos Aires (EZE)0.17% Atlanta (ATL), 79.98% Miami (MIA), 19.84% Newark (EWR)
Buffalo (BUF)19.82% Chicago (ORD), 80.18% Newark (EWR)
Cacador (CFC)19.89% Miami (MIA), 80.11% Newark (EWR)
Cagayan de Oro (CGY)32.15% Hong Kong (HKG), 66.82% Singapore (SIN), 0.01% Taipei (TPE), 1.02% Tokyo (NRT)
Calgary (YYC)100% Seattle (SEA)
Campinas (VCP)20.18% Atlanta (ATL), 79.82% Newark (EWR)
Canberra (CBR)39.7% Singapore (SIN), 60.3% Tokyo (NRT)
Cape Town (CPT)19.91% Amsterdam (AMS), 80.09% London (LHR)
Casablanca (CMN)60.05% Madrid (MAD), 19.8% Marseille (MRS), 20.14% Paris (CDG)
Cebu (CEB)23.92% Hong Kong (HKG), 75.18% Singapore (SIN), 0.9% Tokyo (NRT)
Chandigarh (IXC)100% Singapore (SIN)
Charlotte (CLT)20.41% Ashburn (IAD), 79.59% Atlanta (ATL)
Chennai (MAA)0.72% Hong Kong (HKG), 97.83% Singapore (SIN), 1.44% Tokyo (NRT)
Chiang Mai (CNX)100% Singapore (SIN)
Chicago (ORD)100% Chicago (ORD)
Chișinău (KIV)40.44% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.15% Hamburg (HAM), 20.26% Prague (PRG), 20.16% Vienna (VIE)
Chittagong (CGP)100% Singapore (SIN)
Christchurch (CHC)100% Singapore (SIN)
Colombo (CMB)100% Singapore (SIN)
Columbus (CMH)19.89% Atlanta (ATL), 80.11% Chicago (ORD)
Concepción (CCP)0.31% Atlanta (ATL), 99.69% Miami (MIA)
Copenhagen (CPH)19.55% Amsterdam (AMS), 40.28% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.05% Hamburg (HAM), 20.12% Stockholm (ARN)
Córdoba (COR)0.28% Atlanta (ATL), 79.82% Miami (MIA), 19.9% Newark (EWR)
Cork (ORK)19.83% Amsterdam (AMS), 80.17% London (LHR)
Cuiaba (CGB)40.33% Ashburn (IAD), 39.47% Atlanta (ATL), 0.02% Chicago (ORD), 20.18% Newark (EWR)
Curitiba (CWB)19.93% Chicago (ORD), 80.07% Newark (EWR)
Dakar (DKR)0.5% Madrid (MAD), 19.91% Marseille (MRS), 79.58% Paris (CDG)
Dallas (DFW)99.92% Dallas (DFW), 0.08% Seattle (SEA)
Dammam (DMM)19.82% Hamburg (HAM), 19.75% Madrid (MAD), 40.11% Milan (MXP), 20.32% Prague (PRG)
Dar es Salaam (DAR)40.08% London (LHR), 59.92% Paris (CDG)
Denver (DEN)99.89% Denver (DEN), 0.11% Seattle (SEA)
Detroit (DTW)79.98% Chicago (ORD), 20.02% Newark (EWR)
Dhaka (DAC)100% Singapore (SIN)
Djibouti (JIB)0.49% Madrid (MAD), 19.26% Marseille (MRS), 39.97% Milan (MXP), 40.28% Paris (CDG)
Doha (DOH)60.22% London (LHR), 0.26% Madrid (MAD), 19.51% Marseille (MRS), 20.02% Milan (MXP)
Dubai (DXB)39.98% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.5% Madrid (MAD), 19.74% Marseille (MRS), 20.1% Milan (MXP), 19.68% Paris (CDG)
Dublin (DUB)19.96% Amsterdam (AMS), 80.04% London (LHR)
Durban (DUR)79.82% London (LHR), 20.18% Paris (CDG)
Düsseldorf (DUS)60.43% Amsterdam (AMS), 39.57% Frankfurt (FRA)
Edinburgh (EDI)20.11% Amsterdam (AMS), 79.89% London (LHR)
Erbil (EBL)60.77% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.1% Prague (PRG), 19.12% Vienna (VIE)
Florianopolis (FLN)19.08% Ashburn (IAD), 80.92% Newark (EWR)
Fortaleza (FOR)0.21% Atlanta (ATL), 79.69% Miami (MIA), 20.1% Newark (EWR)
Frankfurt (FRA)40.04% Amsterdam (AMS), 59.9% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.06% Milan (MXP)
Gaborone (GBE)62.5% London (LHR), 37.5% Paris (CDG)
Geneva (GVA)0.3% Madrid (MAD), 19.34% Marseille (MRS), 40.16% Milan (MXP), 40.21% Paris (CDG)
Georgetown (GEO)0.19% Atlanta (ATL), 99.81% Miami (MIA)
Goiania (GYN)81.05% Ashburn (IAD), 18.95% Atlanta (ATL)
Gothenburg (GOT)40.85% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.85% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.67% Hamburg (HAM), 19.63% Stockholm (ARN)
Guatemala City (GUA)21.25% Atlanta (ATL), 78.75% Miami (MIA)
Guayaquil (GYE)20.55% Ashburn (IAD), 0.22% Atlanta (ATL), 79.23% Miami (MIA)
Hagatna (GUM)100% Tokyo (NRT)
Haifa (HFA)59.95% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.45% Madrid (MAD), 19.9% Marseille (MRS), 19.7% Milan (MXP)
Hamburg (HAM)60.56% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.63% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.81% Hamburg (HAM)
Hanoi (HAN)96.64% Hong Kong (HKG), 3.36% Tokyo (NRT)
Harare (HRE)0.48% Madrid (MAD), 19.67% Marseille (MRS), 79.85% Paris (CDG)
Helsinki (HEL)50.69% Hamburg (HAM), 49.31% Stockholm (ARN)
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)100% Singapore (SIN)
Hobart (HBA)60.27% Singapore (SIN), 39.73% Tokyo (NRT)
Hong Kong (HKG)97.7% Hong Kong (HKG), 2.3% Tokyo (NRT)
Honolulu (HNL)100% San Jose (SJC)
Houston (IAH)39.93% Atlanta (ATL), 60.07% Dallas (DFW)
Hyderabad (HYD)19.02% Hong Kong (HKG), 60.1% Singapore (SIN), 20.23% Taipei (TPE), 0.65% Tokyo (NRT)
Indianapolis (IND)19.87% Atlanta (ATL), 80.13% Chicago (ORD)
Islamabad (ISB)19.35% Milan (MXP), 80.65% Paris (CDG)
Istanbul (IST)20.89% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.86% Milan (MXP), 20.3% Prague (PRG), 19.23% Vienna (VIE), 19.72% Warsaw (WAW)
Itajai (ITJ)19.01% Ashburn (IAD), 80.99% Newark (EWR)
Jacksonville (JAX)60.01% Atlanta (ATL), 39.99% Miami (MIA)
Jakarta (CGK)100% Singapore (SIN)
Jashore (JSR)100% Singapore (SIN)
Jeddah (JED)59.59% Frankfurt (FRA), 40.41% London (LHR)
Johannesburg (JNB)20.11% Amsterdam (AMS), 79.89% London (LHR)
Johor Bahru (JHB)100% Singapore (SIN)
Joinville (JOI)19.5% Ashburn (IAD), 80.5% Newark (EWR)
Juazeiro do Norte (JDO)19.6% Ashburn (IAD), 80.4% Newark (EWR)
Kanpur (KNU)100% Singapore (SIN)
Kansas City (MCI)20.53% Chicago (ORD), 59.61% Dallas (DFW), 19.38% Denver (DEN), 0.49% Seattle (SEA)
Kaohsiung City (KHH)50.28% Hong Kong (HKG), 49.72% Taipei (TPE)
Karachi (KHI)100% Singapore (SIN)
Kathmandu (KTM)100% Singapore (SIN)
Khabarovsk (KHV)60.34% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.88% Hamburg (HAM), 18.77% Stockholm (ARN)
Kigali (KGL)20.93% Amsterdam (AMS), 79.07% Paris (CDG)
Kochi (COK)9.59% Hong Kong (HKG), 19.59% Osaka (KIX), 29.96% Singapore (SIN), 10.19% Taipei (TPE), 30.67% Tokyo (NRT)
Kolkata (CCU)100% Singapore (SIN)
Krasnoyarsk (KJA)20.88% Amsterdam (AMS), 40.21% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.57% Hamburg (HAM), 19.33% Stockholm (ARN)
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)100% Singapore (SIN)
Kuwait City (KWI)37.9% Amsterdam (AMS), 60.39% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.02% London (LHR), 0.78% Madrid (MAD), 0.09% Milan (MXP), 0.82% Paris (CDG)
Kyiv (KBP)61.13% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.05% Prague (PRG), 18.82% Vienna (VIE)
Lagos (LOS)39.88% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.26% Madrid (MAD), 19.56% Marseille (MRS), 20.3% Milan (MXP)
Lahore (LHE)0.01% Los Angeles (LAX), 99.98% San Jose (SJC), 0.01% Seattle (SEA)
Las Vegas (LAS)59.98% Los Angeles (LAX), 40.02% San Jose (SJC)
Lima (LIM)0.14% Atlanta (ATL), 80% Miami (MIA), 19.86% Newark (EWR)
Lisbon (LIS)100% Madrid (MAD)
London (LHR)20.01% Amsterdam (AMS), 79.99% London (LHR)
Los Angeles (LAX)59.83% Los Angeles (LAX), 40.17% San Jose (SJC)
Luxembourg City (LUX)20% London (LHR), 80% Paris (CDG)
Macau (MFM)96.61% Hong Kong (HKG), 3.39% Tokyo (NRT)
Madrid (MAD)100% Madrid (MAD)
Male (MLE)0.01% Hong Kong (HKG), 99.99% Singapore (SIN)
Manama (BAH)1.28% Madrid (MAD), 48.75% Marseille (MRS), 49.97% Milan (MXP)
Manaus (MAO)19.11% Ashburn (IAD), 80.89% Atlanta (ATL)
Manchester (MAN)20.41% Amsterdam (AMS), 79.58% London (LHR)
Mandalay (MDL)0.02% Hong Kong (HKG), 99.98% Singapore (SIN)
Manila (MNL)24.42% Hong Kong (HKG), 75.16% Singapore (SIN), 0.42% Tokyo (NRT)
Maputo (MPM)39.61% London (LHR), 60.39% Paris (CDG)
Marseille (MRS)0.03% Madrid (MAD), 33.6% Marseille (MRS), 66.37% Milan (MXP)
McAllen (MFE)40.44% Atlanta (ATL), 59.56% Dallas (DFW)
Medellín (MDE)20.37% Atlanta (ATL), 79.63% Miami (MIA)
Melbourne (MEL)100% Singapore (SIN)
Memphis (MEM)79.92% Atlanta (ATL), 20.08% Chicago (ORD)
Mexico City (MEX)40.94% Atlanta (ATL), 59.06% Dallas (DFW)
Miami (MIA)20.19% Atlanta (ATL), 79.81% Miami (MIA)
Milan (MXP)0.67% Madrid (MAD), 24.58% Marseille (MRS), 50.01% Milan (MXP), 24.75% Prague (PRG)
Minneapolis (MSP)20.1% Atlanta (ATL), 79.9% Chicago (ORD)
Minsk (MSQ)60.07% Amsterdam (AMS), 0.51% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.73% Vienna (VIE), 19.7% Warsaw (WAW)
Mombasa (MBA)60.38% London (LHR), 39.62% Paris (CDG)
Montgomery (MGM)19.49% Ashburn (IAD), 80.51% Atlanta (ATL)
Montréal (YUL)19.87% Ashburn (IAD), 80.13% Newark (EWR)
Moscow (DME)19.87% Amsterdam (AMS), 39.84% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.26% Hamburg (HAM), 19.68% Stockholm (ARN), 0.35% Vienna (VIE)
Mumbai (BOM)99.99% Singapore (SIN)
Munich (MUC)60.47% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.93% Prague (PRG), 19.59% Vienna (VIE)
Muscat (MCT)60.08% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.22% Madrid (MAD), 19.45% Marseille (MRS), 0.16% Milan (MXP), 20.09% Paris (CDG)
Nagpur (NAG)100% Singapore (SIN)
Naha (OKA)39.76% Osaka (KIX), 60.24% Tokyo (NRT)
Nairobi (NBO)0.48% Madrid (MAD), 19.28% Marseille (MRS), 39.38% Milan (MXP), 40.87% Paris (CDG)
Najaf (NJF)61.08% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.01% Milan (MXP), 19.72% Prague (PRG), 19.18% Vienna (VIE)
Nashville (BNA)20% Ashburn (IAD), 20.44% Atlanta (ATL), 19.54% Chicago (ORD), 19.96% Miami (MIA), 20.06% Newark (EWR)
Nasiriyah (XNH)60.31% Frankfurt (FRA), 20% Prague (PRG), 19.7% Vienna (VIE)
Neuquen (NQN)0.23% Atlanta (ATL), 79.91% Miami (MIA), 19.86% Newark (EWR)
New Delhi (DEL)19.52% Hong Kong (HKG), 0.01% Osaka (KIX), 59.87% Singapore (SIN), 20.17% Taipei (TPE), 0.42% Tokyo (NRT)
Newark (EWR)20.19% Ashburn (IAD), 79.8% Newark (EWR)
Nicosia (LCA)0.48% Madrid (MAD), 19.52% Marseille (MRS), 39.58% Milan (MXP), 40.42% Paris (CDG)
Norfolk (ORF)80.39% Ashburn (IAD), 19.61% Newark (EWR)
Noumea (NOU)100% Singapore (SIN)
Omaha (OMA)19.9% Chicago (ORD), 59.03% Dallas (DFW), 20.52% Denver (DEN), 0.55% Seattle (SEA)
Osaka (KIX)40.01% Osaka (KIX), 59.99% Tokyo (NRT)
Oslo (OSL)50.2% Hamburg (HAM), 49.8% Stockholm (ARN)
Ottawa (YOW)39.43% Chicago (ORD), 60.57% Newark (EWR)
Ouagadougou (OUA)20.57% London (LHR), 79.43% Paris (CDG)
Palermo (PMO)19.88% Marseille (MRS), 40.09% Milan (MXP), 40.03% Paris (CDG)
Panama City (PTY)19.54% Ashburn (IAD), 20.13% Atlanta (ATL), 19.37% Chicago (ORD), 20.08% Miami (MIA), 20.88% Newark (EWR)
Paris (CDG)19.8% London (LHR), 80.2% Paris (CDG)
Patna (PAT)100% Singapore (SIN)
Perth (PER)100% Singapore (SIN)
Philadelphia (PHL)20.3% Ashburn (IAD), 79.7% Newark (EWR)
Phnom Penh (PNH)24.36% Hong Kong (HKG), 74.75% Singapore (SIN), 0.88% Tokyo (NRT)
Phoenix (PHX)59.05% Los Angeles (LAX), 40.95% San Jose (SJC)
Pittsburgh (PIT)79.71% Ashburn (IAD), 20.29% Chicago (ORD)
Port Louis (MRU)19.83% Amsterdam (AMS), 26.73% London (LHR), 20.79% Madrid (MAD), 6.44% Marseille (MRS), 26.2% Paris (CDG)
Port-au-Prince (PAP)20.62% Ashburn (IAD), 21.31% Atlanta (ATL), 19.64% Chicago (ORD), 18.94% Miami (MIA), 19.49% Newark (EWR)
Portland (PDX)40.27% San Jose (SJC), 59.73% Seattle (SEA)
Porto Alegre (POA)19.85% Chicago (ORD), 0.03% Miami (MIA), 80.12% Newark (EWR)
Prague (PRG)60.65% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.18% Milan (MXP), 19.74% Prague (PRG), 19.43% Vienna (VIE)
Queretaro (QRO)39.35% Atlanta (ATL), 60.65% Dallas (DFW)
Quito (UIO)0.08% Atlanta (ATL), 80% Miami (MIA), 19.92% Newark (EWR)
Ramallah (ZDM)2.52% Madrid (MAD), 97.48% Marseille (MRS)
Recife (REC)20.56% Ashburn (IAD), 19.78% Atlanta (ATL), 18.65% Chicago (ORD), 20.52% Miami (MIA), 20.48% Newark (EWR)
Reykjavík (KEF)59.36% Amsterdam (AMS), 40.64% London (LHR)
Ribeirao Preto (RAO)0.23% Atlanta (ATL), 19.98% Miami (MIA), 79.79% Newark (EWR)
Richmond (RIC)79.85% Ashburn (IAD), 20.15% Atlanta (ATL)
Riga (RIX)49.55% Hamburg (HAM), 50.45% Stockholm (ARN)
Rio de Janeiro (GIG)79.88% Ashburn (IAD), 20.12% Atlanta (ATL), 0.01% Newark (EWR)
Riyadh (RUH)79.71% London (LHR), 0.48% Madrid (MAD), 19.81% Marseille (MRS)
Rome (FCO)19.74% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.51% Madrid (MAD), 20.17% Marseille (MRS), 39.63% Milan (MXP), 19.96% Paris (CDG)
Sacramento (SMF)100% San Jose (SJC)
Saint Petersburg (LED)47.55% Hamburg (HAM), 52.45% Stockholm (ARN)
Saint-Denis (RUN)3.03% Madrid (MAD), 96.97% Marseille (MRS)
Salt Lake City (SLC)19.4% Denver (DEN), 60.56% Los Angeles (LAX), 19.58% San Jose (SJC), 0.46% Seattle (SEA)
Salvador (SSA)19.95% Ashburn (IAD), 0.23% Atlanta (ATL), 79.82% Miami (MIA)
San Diego (SAN)59.69% Los Angeles (LAX), 40.31% San Jose (SJC)
San Jose (SJC)3.2% Los Angeles (LAX), 96.79% San Jose (SJC)
San José (SJO)19.89% Ashburn (IAD), 20.03% Atlanta (ATL), 20.88% Chicago (ORD), 19.29% Miami (MIA), 19.93% Newark (EWR)
Santiago (SCL)0.12% Atlanta (ATL), 99.88% Miami (MIA)
Santo Domingo (SDQ)20.06% Atlanta (ATL), 79.94% Miami (MIA)
São José do Rio Preto (SJP)20.52% Ashburn (IAD), 79.48% Newark (EWR)
São Paulo (GRU)20.07% Ashburn (IAD), 79.93% Newark (EWR)
Saskatoon (YXE)100% Seattle (SEA)
Seattle (SEA)100% Seattle (SEA)
Seoul (ICN)39.92% Osaka (KIX), 60.08% Tokyo (NRT)
SFPuppers (SFO-DOG)19.73% Dallas (DFW), 6.62% Denver (DEN), 20.46% Los Angeles (LAX), 33.45% San Jose (SJC), 19.74% Seattle (SEA)
Singapore (SIN)100% Singapore (SIN)
Sofia (SOF)60.45% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.92% Prague (PRG), 19.63% Vienna (VIE)
Sorocaba (SOD)19.93% Atlanta (ATL), 80.07% Newark (EWR)
St. George's (GND)0.34% Atlanta (ATL), 99.66% Miami (MIA)
St. Louis (STL)80.09% Chicago (ORD), 19.91% Dallas (DFW)
Stockholm (ARN)49.74% Hamburg (HAM), 50.26% Stockholm (ARN)
Sulaymaniyah (ISU)60.04% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.27% Prague (PRG), 19.69% Vienna (VIE)
Surat Thani (URT)100% Singapore (SIN)
Sydney (SYD)100% Singapore (SIN)
Taipei (TPE)100% Taipei (TPE)
Tallahassee (TLH)79.51% Atlanta (ATL), 20.49% Miami (MIA)
Tallinn (TLL)59.93% Amsterdam (AMS), 20.17% Hamburg (HAM), 19.91% Stockholm (ARN)
Tampa (TPA)20.93% Atlanta (ATL), 79.07% Miami (MIA)
Tbilisi (TBS)20.45% Frankfurt (FRA), 40.22% Milan (MXP), 19.33% Prague (PRG), 19.99% Vienna (VIE)
Tegucigalpa (TGU)20.95% Atlanta (ATL), 79.05% Miami (MIA)
Tel Aviv (TLV)59.82% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.44% Madrid (MAD), 19.32% Marseille (MRS), 20.42% Paris (CDG)
Thessaloniki (SKG)20.37% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.2% Hamburg (HAM), 20.56% Prague (PRG), 18.99% Vienna (VIE), 19.89% Warsaw (WAW)
Timbo (NVT)0.01% Ashburn (IAD), 0.18% Atlanta (ATL), 80.09% Miami (MIA), 19.72% Newark (EWR)
Tirana (TIA)60.8% Frankfurt (FRA), 18.55% Hamburg (HAM), 20.65% Milan (MXP)
Tokyo (NRT)39.59% Osaka (KIX), 60.41% Tokyo (NRT)
Toronto (YYZ)80.02% Chicago (ORD), 19.98% Newark (EWR)
Tunis (TUN)0.29% Madrid (MAD), 19.59% Marseille (MRS), 80.11% Paris (CDG)
Tver (KLD)30.98% Frankfurt (FRA), 7.66% Hamburg (HAM), 19.14% Milan (MXP), 11.96% Prague (PRG), 9.57% Stockholm (ARN), 10.77% Vienna (VIE), 9.93% Warsaw (WAW)
Uberlandia (UDI)19.93% Miami (MIA), 80.07% Newark (EWR)
Ulaanbaatar (ULN)48.28% Hong Kong (HKG), 51.71% Tokyo (NRT)
Vancouver (YVR)100% Seattle (SEA)
Vienna (VIE)60.45% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.3% Prague (PRG), 19.25% Vienna (VIE)
Vientiane (VTE)100% Singapore (SIN)
Vilnius (VNO)39.7% Amsterdam (AMS), 19.64% Hamburg (HAM), 20.43% Prague (PRG), 20.23% Stockholm (ARN)
Warsaw (WAW)100% Warsaw (WAW)
Willemstad (CUR)20.77% Atlanta (ATL), 79.23% Miami (MIA)
Winnipeg (YWG)19.58% Chicago (ORD), 80.42% Newark (EWR)
Yangon (RGN)100% Singapore (SIN)
Yekaterinburg (SVX)21.74% Amsterdam (AMS), 37.63% Frankfurt (FRA), 20.07% Hamburg (HAM), 20.55% Stockholm (ARN)
Yerevan (EVN)19.88% Amsterdam (AMS), 60.18% Frankfurt (FRA), 0.01% Milan (MXP), 19.94% Prague (PRG)
Yogyakarta (JOG)100% Singapore (SIN)
Zagreb (ZAG)60.95% Frankfurt (FRA), 19.42% Prague (PRG), 19.64% Vienna (VIE)
Zurich (ZRH)39.75% Amsterdam (AMS), 60.25% Frankfurt (FRA)